The Winners of the Doodle a Dirigible Contest

by Josiah Bancroft

Before I announce the winners of the contest, I would first like to thank everyone who entered for their incredible artistic efforts. Your doodles brightened my day! The Grand Prize and Runner Up winners were chosen using a random number generator. I selected the third winner myself. I'd ask all the winners to please email me their address so that I can send the prizes on their merry way.

The Grand Prize winner of my Doodle a Dirigible Contest is Charlie Hopkins, who doodled The Disco.

Congratulations Charlie! You will receive an original drawing of the Stone Cloud in addition to both book cover posters.

The Runner Up, who will receive a poster of their choosing, is Khiem, who submitted the Cetcaelum. Well done, Khiem! 

It was difficult to choose a favorite entry because there were so many worthy airships. In the end, I chose the entry that I personally found the most evocative. Congratulations Marc Rasp for your splendid craft, the Postale. And thank you again to all who took a moment to share their vision of ships that never were and never flew except upon a paper sky.