A Collection of Wonderful, Whimsical Flying Machines

by Josiah Bancroft

I recently received this collection of dirigible diagrams from one Master Weston Early, age 11. I was so impressed by the ingenuity and diversity of his imaginary fleet that I could not help but share it with you.

I appreciate the attention Master Early has given to the manner and means of flight. Fantastical engineering requires a special sort of creative thinking, one which embraces physical laws while imagining fantastical exceptions. The flourishes here are also excellent; not only do I believe these machines are capable of flight, I'm sure they'd be aesthetically pleasing to sail upon. And one should not discount the military might of these crafts. Well placed batteries of ten and twenty pound guns await any foes who might be foolish enough to challenge them.

I suspect that Master Early has a long career ahead of him as a designer of dirigibles. We'd all do well to keep one eye on the sky for his creations.