A New Publisher for the Books of Babel and a Final Fire Sale

by Josiah Bancroft

It's a near certainty at this point that I will be signing with an excellent and venerable publisher in the next few days. We've hashed out our terms, and they are drawing up the contract. I look forward to making a formal announcement very soon.

This means the Books of Babel will have a new home, and my days of self-publishing the series will come to a close. When that happens, I won't be able to sell my editions any longer. I had hoped to release the hardcover of Arm of the Sphinx sooner. Unfortunately, I won't have time for a broad release. I was able to order 50 copies, which I will be numbering. 

So, here is my current inventory:

  • Senlin Ascends (Trade paperback edition) - 7
  • Senlin Ascends (Hardcover edition) - 11
  • Arm of the Sphinx (Trade paperback edition - 5
  • Arm of the Sphinx (Hardcover edition) - 50

The paperbacks are $15 apiece, and the hardcovers are $30. I use PayPal to handle transactions, and I'm happy to ship anywhere in the world. (Shipping and handling in the US is $5; Canada $15; UK/EU$25; AUS$30. Multiple books will increase shipping costs slightly.) If you'd be interested in buying a copy, please email me at thebooksofbabel@gmail.com.

In the interest of fairness, I'm going to limit everyone to one copy of each edition per order. (So, you can order the series if you like, but I'm not going to send 10 copies of Arm of the Sphinx to a single reader.) I'm selling the books on a first come, first serve basis.

I am, of course, happy to sign and dedicate your copy as you request. Sadly, I don't have time to doodle at the moment.

Chances are, the new editions will feature new cover art. I will do my utmost to keep Ian Leino involved in the series. His covers and conceptual art has been essential to the series' identity and has undoubtedly contributed to the books' success. But if you, like me, are a fan of Ian's original covers, this may be your last chance to get a copy of them.