Orbit Books: The New Home of the Books of Babel

by Josiah Bancroft

I'm very pleased to announce that my Books of Babel series has been picked up by Orbit Books. This wonderful, surprising development was made possible by the contributions of many, many people, and I would be remiss if I did not take a moment here to thank some of the people who have supported me in recent months and years. (This will have to be an incomplete list for the moment, but I will endeavor to expand it in the future.)

If you know anything about my books, chances are you have Mark Lawrence to thank for it. His tireless efforts to promote the series helped thousands of readers discover my books. Were it not for him, and his wonderful Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, my books would've likely been consigned to the oblivion of the unread.

I have my agent, Ian Drury, and indeed all of the people at Sheil Land Associates, to thank for finding such a wonderful publisher for me to partner with.

I wish to thank all the people who have taken the time to write reviews of the books, including Pornokitsch, who first attracted Mark Lawrence's attention to the series, the Wertzone, who fanned the flames of interest, and Emily May, who helped to spread awareness of the series to the Goodreads community. I'd also like to thank the thriving and welcoming subreddit, r/fantasy, for providing me with a much needed online community.

I'd like to thank the community of writers who participated in the 2016 Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off for being supportive of my work: Dyrk Ashton, Phil Tucker, Timandra Whitecastle, Benedict Patrick, and David Benem, among many others, all of whom are incredibly talented and hard-working and deserving of your attention.

I owe Ian Leino more thanks than can be expressed in a few lines. He supplied the series with its striking cover art, which has attracted many, many readers. He took me to conventions, shared his expensive booth space, and taught me how to flog my books. He encouraged me to persist with the series when I was whinging and threatening to quit. And he did all of this out love, generosity, and faith in my work.

Finally, I wish to thank my wife, Sharon, who supported me emotionally, creatively, and financially through so many ill-conceived creative projects, and who, despite my best efforts to dissuade her, never lost faith in my abilities. Were it not for her tireless love and support, I would not have had the confidence, focus, or opportunity to write these books.