by Josiah Bancroft

(Just add one fantasy author.)

Q: Which character in your book represents your mother? 

Q: Your books seem to have a lot of swords in them. Why?

Q: How have millennials changed fantasy, and why is so much worse?

Q: Can you talk about race in the context of fantasy? Which is your favorite race? Orcs, lizard-people, elves, caucasians? Are you a racist?

Q: What does fantasy as a genre have to contribute to the flat earth controversy?

Q: Where do books come from? Why words?

Q: Ok, time for a scenario: You’re in a crowded elevator. The main cables have snapped and all the emergency brakes have failed. You suspect sabotage. You’re plummeting to your probable death with a bunch of strangers. Using only four words, what would you say to convince them to read your book?

Q: If you won a charity dinner with Terry Goodkind, what would be your technique for bringing the conversation back around to him?