Revisiting Dungeons and Dragons

by Josiah Bancroft

For about a year now, I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons via video chat with a coterie of fantastic indie writers. I had never played before, and I have to admit, I came in with some preconceptions. Growing up in a conservative household in the Deep South during the 80's, D&D was tantamount to devil worship. Kids who played the game were one step away from getting 666 tattooed on their foreheads and performing blood rituals in the scrub woods behind the K-Mart.

But I've discovered that D&D doesn't require human sacrifice or pledging allegiance to any goat-footed fiends. No, the most ghastly thing about D&D is trying to schedule a time when five adults can come together to play. D&D is really about community, imagination, and laughter, all things that I love. I would describe our particular version of D&D as falling somewhere between improve theater and campfire storytelling.

Recently, we started recording our sessions, and we're releasing it as a podcast we call Crit Faced. My character is a fussy, self-deluded two bit actor named Jean Marlame whose morals are as questionable as his musical ability. Our campaign is often silly and occasionally ghoulish, but I think it’s easy to hear how much fun we’re all having, and we hope to share that fun with everyone. We're still expanding the platforms where the podcast is available. Check out our site for the growing list: (Oh, and I had a lot of fun drawing our logo!)

Crit Faced.jpg